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    • 產品名稱: Punching plate

    Product description

    Product introduction

      Patterned aluminum sheet, also known as embossed aluminum plate or non slip aluminum sheet, is one of the superior products of Xinyu aluminum industry. The main products of patterned aluminum sheet are 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series and 6xxx series aluminum alloy sheets. Xinyu aluminum industry can produce one bar (also known as pointer shaped or gem patterned sheet), two bars, three bars, five bars patterned sheet, etc., which are widely used in construction, vehicles, ships and other non slip products. Use floor, decoration and other fields.

    Technical parameter

    Technical equipment

      The main production equipment of the plate and strip branch of the group company: 41 casting mills, 7 cold rolling mills, 1 double coiling hot rolling mill, 2 semi continuous casting machines, 5 stretch bending straightening machines, 25 annealing furnaces, 8 cross cutting machines, 3 slitting machines and 2 on-line annealing washers.