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    Quality story speech competition held by Chalco

    Recently, Chinalco held a quality story speech contest in the form of simulation video. Wu Maosen, vice president of Chalco, attended the event and delivered a speech at the Shandong Branch of Chalco. Main principals and relevant personnel of all departments and entities of Chalco participated in the activity.

    At the meeting, the contestants from 19 units of Chalco share their own quality stories with their own practice and experience, and show the high-quality enterprise style of Chalco people in the new era. After on-site evaluation, Shanxi new material contestants won the first prize in the speech contest, Lanzhou Aluminum and Chalco won the second prize, Chalco Shandong, Zhengzhou Research Institute, Guangxi Hualei and Chalco won the third prize, and other units won the excellent prize.

    Wu Maosen expressed warm congratulations to all the players who have achieved excellent results and shared his experience. He believed that the competition stimulated the enthusiasm of employees to participate in management, showed the style of aluminum employees in the new era, and widely spread the quality concept. He asked that, first, we should constantly improve the mechanism. We should speed up the establishment of a perfect mechanism, form a system and method for the good practices of the company's quality management in recent years, systematically and effectively guide the employees at all levels of the company to actively participate in the overall quality management, and promote the continuous pursuit of excellence of all enterprises. Second, we should constantly improve our ability. It is necessary to establish a platform and mechanism for capacity improvement, constantly improve the ability of all employees, and provide support and guarantee for correct and efficient work. Third, tell the story of Chinalco well. We should tell the story of Chinalco in various forms, spread the quality concept and culture, let more people understand the story of Chinalco, and tell the story of Chinalco. Through the story of Chinalco, we should call for the quality brand of "find Chinalco better".

    It is understood that the speech contest was first held at all levels of enterprises, and the last 19 outstanding works participated in the contest.

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