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    Green mine selection officially started in 2019

    Recently, the general office of the Ministry of natural resources issued the notice on doing well in the selection of green mines in 2019, officially launching the selection of green mines in 2019.

    The notice made it clear that the selection principle of green mines in 2019: guided by Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, the selection was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the implementation opinions on accelerating the construction of green mines and nine industry standards such as the code for the construction of green mines in non-metallic mining industry issued by the Ministry of natural resources in 2018. Selection scope: the selection mine shall be an independent mine (oil and gas bearing) with valid mining license, which has not been subject to administrative punishment by natural resources, ecological environment and other departments in the past three years, and the mining right holder has not been included in the abnormal list. Among them, the new mine should be operated normally for more than one year, and the remaining mining life of the production mine should be no less than 5 years. The selection work should be based on the characteristics of local resource endowment and the practice of green mine construction, comprehensively consider the degree of intensification and scale of mining enterprises, and highlight the typicality and representativeness of mining enterprises. In principle, the number of selection shall not exceed 25, and the number of green mines with good foundation and large resources province shall not exceed 40. The original four groups of national green mine pilot units that have passed the field verification and meet the above principles can be directly included in the selection list, not accounting for the total number of selection. The selection materials shall be submitted to the mineral resources protection and supervision department of the Ministry of natural resources before July 31.

    According to the notice, all provinces (districts and cities) shall carry out the selection work in accordance with the procedures of mine self-evaluation, third-party evaluation, spot check, material review and publicity, and form a selection list.

    The notice also requires that the natural resources authorities of all provinces (districts and cities) should attach great importance to the selection work, carefully organize, select a batch of green mines that meet the requirements of ecological civilization construction, and effectively promote the construction of green mines to make substantive breakthroughs; strictly control, ensure quality, make them open, fair and just, and establish the responsibility mechanism of the third-party evaluation agency; We should take multiple measures simultaneously, make solid progress, and support the construction of green mines by improving and refining incentive policies on land use, mining, finance and taxation, and finance. In addition, we should strengthen supervision and strict management. The mines included in the list shall be subject to random inspection, and the mines that do not meet the standards shall be timely reported and removed from the list.

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